HEAT – Niall Griffin’s Mobile Film

My short film is a parody of 1970’s cop films – goofy, action-packed and full of chase scenes. I got my inspiration from the Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ video, which featured them dashing around in phoney police cars and throwing dummies off of bridges. Exciting stuff.

The film was shot entirely using the iPhone 6s, borrowed from a friend, using its built-in lens for its clarity and stability. I also used the Super 8 app by Nexvio, a recommendation from our lecturers, using the 60’s filter and with chroma distortion effect. This app was actually used in an Award winning film – Searching for Sugar Man, for a couple of shots when the creator couldn’t afford actual film! This gave it the antique look that the low budget films of the time had, making it feel like one of those strange VHS tapes you’d find in your parent’s attic. I even changed the aspect ratio to be 4:3, matching the ratio the cameras had at the time. I spent ages making it as authentically vintage as possible, from choosing the title font to adding a vinyl crackle to the audio.

Naturally, the shoe-string budget kept me from going TOO crazy with props, but a trip to poundland and a can of spray paint gave us some pretty convincing weapons. We also got cheesy moustaches for the cast and a foam baseball bat that really isn’t that soft at all.

I put it all together in Premiere Pro – the footage flowed together so well that I didn’t have to do a whole lot of cutting, and the film fit PERFECTLY into one minute. I used a song by The Rapture called ‘Modern Romance’ for its Lo-Fi feel and funk style rhythm – perfect for my gritty action sequence. I’m dead proud of it and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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