Two Birds, One Stone (Dom Kerridge Phone Film)

When I told my wife I had been given the task of making a film with a mobile phone, utilising video editing apps and special techniques, she came up with a brilliant idea. ‘Why not do a time lapse of tidying the kitchen? It will look like you’re doing it super fast’. Only after she had left for work that morning did it dawn on me that she had just tricked me into doing a chore that neither of us wanted to do, but seeing as I didn’t have a better idea  I pressed on. It was very difficult to find any time lapse apps that were any better than the iPhone’s built in function, so this is what I used. As an extra dimension to the piece, I thought it would be neat to include a slow mo of a coffee being made.  I downloaded the app ‘SloMo’ by Beautiful Video Project Inc. and although this did seem to have nicer filters than the iPhone native app, it was considerably jerky, and seeing as I couldn’t pick a frame rate, I assumed it was probably taking less that the 240FPS my iPhone can achieve. This is why most of the coffee clips in my video are taken through the iPhone’s slow motion feature, but a couple are done using the SloMo app for added colour. I also used video filter apps ‘Cromic’ by Lucky Clan and ‘Video Filters’ by Jin Jeon which were able to add filters to the coffee shots I had already taken. I think my favourite setting on Cromic was ‘Gramercy Vintage’ which gave deep earthy tones to the image – it worked so well that I would rename this setting ‘coffee filter’.

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