‘In a Perfect World’ (Dom’s Remix / Mashup)


From the outset I knew that for this project I wanted to do something akin to the videos I love which take television programmes and edit them i to change the meaning. One of my favourites is Armando Iannucci’s Time Trumpet (BBC 2 2006), which creates an alternative reality by taking programmes and re-editing them with original footage to make surreal situations. A more modern variation on this comes from and comedy duo Cassetteboy who make hilarious mashups such as Cassetteboy vs The Apprentice in which Alan Sugar appears to have gone mad, and asks his candidates for a kiss.


A deserving subject is important for a ‘send up’ video, so I decided to use footage of ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show. This is because I see Kyle as a Public figure who depicts members of the public in a way that suits his agenda. I thought I may be able to do the same for him. I decided to cut up footage to suggest that he is propositioning one of his female guests. In an early edit of my video a woman on the show was agreeing with Kyle’s obscene suggestion but I abandoned this idea as I didn’t want it to appear as though she condones his inappropriate behaviour. As a framework I decided that I would take footage of Channel 4’s Gogglebox and make it seem as though the participants are watching the JK episode and are reacting to it it.


The Jeremy Kyle footage was mostly in a lower resolution (480×854) than the Gogglebox video (1280×720) and although this does create a mismatch in quality it does reflect TV shows in which the main content is better quality than archive footage featured in the programme. Kyle’s lip syncing is mostly correct, however there are occasions on which the video does not match audio and this is visible, but I think this is acceptable because the purpose of this as in similar videos is not to convince the audience that this is a real piece of footage, but instead to satirise the original content. I found an episode of Gogglebox on YouTube which had suitable intro and ident graphics to use, and many reactions from participants for a good selection of cutaways.


The hardest element of audio editing was finding two parts of a phrase uttered by Jeremy Kyle which I could piece together for the crucial part of the dialogue, which makes it the most unrealistic sounding part of the piece. For the music I took the main theme tune from an episode of JK and segued it with the walk on music for another episode.  This transition is not very smooth but is similar to the style of JK’s official YouTube videos. For Gogglebox I recorded myself doing an impression of Gogglebox narrator Craig Cash as a voice over. I didn’t have access to a condenser mic so as a cheat I used the on board mic on my iPhone and a Shure Beta 57a dynamic mic and mixed them on Adobe Audition. To underline this I used the YouTube video of ‘Perfect World’ by ‘Kodaline’ (Gogglebox’s theme tune) as a bed.



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