The Lift Song – We’re Finished!

We did it team. The track is mixed, mastered and handed in – with an 85% grade!



Our song is finally completed and we couldn’t be prouder of it.

It’s interesting to hear the differences between the finished Pro Tools version and the original demo I did on Garageband – everything has so much more life and character to it. Thevocals really push the song too – Thanks to wordsmith Dom for the awesome lyrics, and Chris, who sung it PERFECTLY.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two versions. Even in the short introduction the differences are miles apart – Take a listen!

Our lecturers, Phil and Jos, were very impressed with the whole thing. Although Jos thought the bass was a little quiet, he was loving the guitar sound and drum performance. They praised us for getting such a full sound out of such a dry mix, and told us that we got the highest mark in the class! Smashing.


After the Assessment was done we took to Studio D to dub over some dialogue for the film. we used a U87 and a MD441 for Dom’s voice and got him to simply mimic what the character was saying on screen, as if it was an impression. We did about four takes of each line, all with different inflections and emotions, and put them in playlists for easy access.



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