In the second CMP film, I felt like I should show my more sensitive side. I wanted to make a video that had a strong cause so I cast my mind back to old charity adverts that were done in black and white and slowed down a little too much, with over dramatic title card over the top.  I also wanted to make a spreadable piece of content. To do this I looked at the groups I’m in on facebook and found that the group ‘Stagehand Humour’ had the best view to share ratio. It was then I realised that I could do a mic-dropping advert, as while in the mainstream media it has almost disappeared, for the people spending £400 every time it happens it’s still a real concern.

To create the advert I used multiple sources from all over the world so that everyone got at least couple of the references I make. I also originally just had proper microphone cleaning tutorials at the end but then I realised that the ASMR ones were much more over the top and fitted with the style of the video better. For the keen eyed viewer, you may notice that I start talking about the UK then switch to dollars and use an American toll number. This was because I was aiming to affect both markets.(And the phone number joke works better in the US format) Now is also a good time to mention why I’ve done the editing so badly and over the top. I’m sure you have all heard of a meme subculture call ‘ShitPosting’ despite the name they are rather brilliant in the fact they will share and enjoy bad videos the worse the better. (That makes sense right?) So I whipped out the speed correction tool in premiere pro and cranked it down to 10% at this point an old fashioned cartoon had more frames per second than I did. I also overdid the black and white levels and over saturated the ‘happy’ clips. This also helped me not get sued by anyone as it is very clearly a joke but also masks the fact that some clips were very low quality.



Now that I had the video I had to wait to release it into the world at the most effective time. Due to the fact, America had a bigger audience I knew I had to wait for 2 AM, which being a student was just in time for my tea! Once 2 AM hit I shared the video on my facebook page to several groups and cracked open a can of Irn Bru (Yes second-year PSVT does have a terrible addiction to it) and I joked to my housemates can I drink the can before I hit one hundred views.  One-quarter of a can later I had hit 200 views. I almost spat out my drink! From there onwards it rocketed up to 2000 views in the first hour, subsequent hours got about 1000 each. Which meant in the first 24 hours I got 25k views which by my very bias maths means that I was just 98% away from being deemed viral…  When using the Facebook Insight tool it becomes very apparent that I made the video to perfectly match my audience. 25-34 Year-olds were the biggest group with 18-24 not too far behind. I also can see that USA had the biggest audience followed by the UK. (Then the Netherlands which I don’t quite get)

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My one day of fame


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‘In a Perfect World’ (Dom’s Remix / Mashup)


From the outset I knew that for this project I wanted to do something akin to the videos I love which take television programmes and edit them i to change the meaning. One of my favourites is Armando Iannucci’s Time Trumpet (BBC 2 2006), which creates an alternative reality by taking programmes and re-editing them with original footage to make surreal situations. A more modern variation on this comes from and comedy duo Cassetteboy who make hilarious mashups such as Cassetteboy vs The Apprentice in which Alan Sugar appears to have gone mad, and asks his candidates for a kiss.


A deserving subject is important for a ‘send up’ video, so I decided to use footage of ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show. This is because I see Kyle as a Public figure who depicts members of the public in a way that suits his agenda. I thought I may be able to do the same for him. I decided to cut up footage to suggest that he is propositioning one of his female guests. In an early edit of my video a woman on the show was agreeing with Kyle’s obscene suggestion but I abandoned this idea as I didn’t want it to appear as though she condones his inappropriate behaviour. As a framework I decided that I would take footage of Channel 4’s Gogglebox and make it seem as though the participants are watching the JK episode and are reacting to it it.


The Jeremy Kyle footage was mostly in a lower resolution (480×854) than the Gogglebox video (1280×720) and although this does create a mismatch in quality it does reflect TV shows in which the main content is better quality than archive footage featured in the programme. Kyle’s lip syncing is mostly correct, however there are occasions on which the video does not match audio and this is visible, but I think this is acceptable because the purpose of this as in similar videos is not to convince the audience that this is a real piece of footage, but instead to satirise the original content. I found an episode of Gogglebox on YouTube which had suitable intro and ident graphics to use, and many reactions from participants for a good selection of cutaways.


The hardest element of audio editing was finding two parts of a phrase uttered by Jeremy Kyle which I could piece together for the crucial part of the dialogue, which makes it the most unrealistic sounding part of the piece. For the music I took the main theme tune from an episode of JK and segued it with the walk on music for another episode.  This transition is not very smooth but is similar to the style of JK’s official YouTube videos. For Gogglebox I recorded myself doing an impression of Gogglebox narrator Craig Cash as a voice over. I didn’t have access to a condenser mic so as a cheat I used the on board mic on my iPhone and a Shure Beta 57a dynamic mic and mixed them on Adobe Audition. To underline this I used the YouTube video of ‘Perfect World’ by ‘Kodaline’ (Gogglebox’s theme tune) as a bed.



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A Star Wars Supercut – Andreas Hammarstrom


For my second CMP film I really wanted to play with the idea of adding a laugh track to a scene that didn’t need one, plus adding an old-timely feel to simulate an old, but weird sitcom.

This was an inspiration to my intro-sequence:

The titles, the music & the editing really made me want to try this out for myself, but add an actual “fake scene” after the intro.

I started off with trying out the scene from LOTR – The Two Towers where Merry and Pippin escape the Uruk-Hai, but something didn’t quite feel right. So I looked around again, and saw that there might be a connection between the cantina scene in Star Wars IV, and the old American sitcom Cheers.

I wanted to have a real cheesy intro, and some of the shots in the cantina scene lend themselves really well to that sort of style. For example the shot where C3PO and Luke turn around to look at each other, and also all the medium close-ups of the different characters in the middle of conversation.

So as a second source i naturally chose the theme song from Cheers “Where everybody knows your name” written by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo. It fit the style perfectly and it was a lot of fun editing this sort of intro sequence.

Aside from the intro there’s audience effects added throughout the film, laughter to change the mood of the serious scene where two random aliens at the bar try to pick a fight with Luke, Oo’s and Aah’s when stuff happens that shocks the audience and clapping/cheering when Obi-Wan knocks the guy out. (with added “Pow!” and “Kapow!” graphics for extra cheesiness).

Another thing to add is that I used something from the LOTR-series, I wouldn’t count it as my third source as it’s only a piece of sound I extracted, but important to mention nonetheless.
So basically in the Uruk-Hai scene the orcs want food, human meat specifically. They row and end up cutting the heads off of two smaller orcs on which they all feed on.
Now, in the cantina scene in Star Wars IV, Obi-Wan also severs a limb; the arm of Luke’s assailant. So what I did was add the sound from LOTR, of an Uruk-Hai saying: Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys! But made it look/sound like Chewbacca was saying it. A little easter egg for LOTR-fans but I’ll have to admit it had me giggling a few times along the process.

As my third source I chose the song “Spanish Flea” by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, to me this is the perfect goofy track, it really works anywhere for anything. What I wanted to do with this was to mask and replace the original music that’s played in the cantina. So I automated the volume to shift: When there was a closeup of the band the music was loud and clear, but when there was dialogue, and the music was clearly on the other side of the room, it was quieter, and had a slight reverb on it to make it even more spatial.

All in all it was a fun process. It’s one of those assignments when starting in the middle of the night is perfect, it’s easy to channel that night-humour when you’re actually tired.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!


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A NIGHT AT THE PUB – STAR WARS SUPERCUT from Andreas Hammarstrom on Vimeo.

“Did You Hear?” – Niall’s Mash-Up film

“Do you ever get bad news? Like, REALLY bad news?”

After browsing YouTube for inspiration, it struck me that all the best mash-ups have some sort of context built around them – a theme that follows throughout or a story/message built up through the action/dialogue in the clips. It adds so much more comedic value and resonates a lot better with the viewer – after all, the best viral videos are the ones that really get an emotion out of you.

Realising this, I set about picking a couple of existing mashups that I though could be put in a better context. Reaction comedy is all the rage these days; Kids React, H3H3 Productions etc have made a name for themselves through using their words and actions to display their opinions in a funny way. But what about the other way around? What about using existing clips as a reaction to something that I have created? Well, That’s exactly what I set out to do.

After shooting a simple scene with my housemate Ben, I used clips taken from the many spit-take, “Oh my god” and “NOOOOO” supercuts on YouTube to create the idea that all these people were reacting to me, and as if what I said was the worst news in the world – in reality, it’s just simple gossip, but everything’s funnier with exaggeration. You could say I’ve done a mashup of mashups.

I wanted to push the film further into chaos as the time progressed – the reactions got more extreme, the editing got more complex and the amount of footage being shown at one time made the screen exceptionally busy. To achieve this, I brought all the clips into Adobe Premiere, shortened the clips to as small as they could go (while still showing the reaction), and overlaying multiple clips using the opacity tool. This helped me emulate the type of panic you feel upon hearing something REALLY shocking – time flies by and all the events blur together, leaving you unsure of all the finer details. I feel I properly captured this emotion, further emphasised by the famous classical piece ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, Johnny Cash’s rendition of ‘Hurt’, and the viral video ‘Best Cry Ever’.

To top it all off, I decided to throw the viewer another curveball – both me and Ben are holding cans of Irn Bru in the intro sequence, so I payed it off with an advert-style shot of me drinking the can and looking satisfied. The current Coca-Cola theme ‘Taste the Feeling’ plays over the top of this clip, a juxtaposition to the non-cola drink I’m sipping. this follows the idea of ‘surrealist comedy’, popularised by shows such as ‘The Eric Andre Show’ and ‘Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!’, which constantly tries to confuse it’s audience through contrast and surprise.



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