meet my baby

A year ago a very nice post lady delivered me a brand spanking new, second-hand TLR! This camera is dated around late 1950’s and had for many years just been left in an attic, it’s such a shame to see great camera left as rubbish when all it needs is a little love and care for it to outshine most modern camera.
For those who don’t know the Yashica-A is a TLR 120mm medium format camera, but what makes that so good I hear you cry? Well, apart from the fact older camera are just naturally better because they produce a 1:1 representation of the image rather than a computer deciding what is and isn’t needed. The camera also shoots a larger format than most cameras, for instance, professional DSLR’s shoot what is known as Full Frame or 35mm this is three and a half times smaller than 120mm film.

Bigger is better.

I could talk about compression and other technical nonsense but I’ll simplify it the bigger is better. In fact, you can get a bigger film standard called Large Format but that costs money that I don’t have.

Shall I continue about the film? Oh okay. Another key part of the film is ASA which is how large the light sensitive crystals are. Think of it like ISO on modern cameras but it’s a lot more natural looking as the chemistry is completely random.

Another reason I love the camera is the pure simplicity of the device. There is no batteries, no meters, it’s just you and the image. That’s it. Yes, your first roll of film will probably be out of focus and not exposed properly but by the third attempt, it will have become second nature. The only other negative is the cost, But (and this is a big but) the cost for a 50mp camera is three grand and that’s not including lenses! So once you put the cost of the camera and the cost of shooting you can easily shoot 1200 frames (and that’s buying the expensive stuff)


Cheap 120 film looking beautiful