Homemade Soup!

Me n’ Ben made soup! A fairly basic tomato soup with carrots and onion, but it turned out so great. Ben made bread from SCRATCH too. I mean we should probably be doing lots more important things like finishing assignments, but hey! At least we’ve got a shot in the culinary industry.


basal blog post

I thought I would try and be fancy by using a ye olden day word to open our first ever blog title, but I fear that most people will just think I missed spelt basil and I’ve created (yet another) cooking blog. Fear Not Sheeple! I’m actually going to blog about something far more interesting…

IT’S ALL ABOUT ME. (and the rest of the team, I guess)

Or more precisely what we are doing with our lives via the means of really infrequent, badly written, overly technical, rambly blog posts. So I hope you’ve all actually got this far and not gone to YouTube and watched something far more interesting like Neistat or Ben Brown. If you are still here, thank you and good luck!