Meet The Team

Andreas Hammarström – Foley and FX Supervisor, Score, Post Production

I’m Andreas, I come from a city in northern Sweden called Umeå. In Umeå we like our culture – we indulge in anything from indigenous dancing to 90’s vegan punk. But the common denominator for me was always music. Then came a day when my interest for performance and musicianship somewhat ended, although I still felt a strong connection
to that world.

One day the stars aligned and I realised that the world of professional audio is where I want to be.

It probably stems from spending way too much time in my uncle’s recording studio, even though one young man can only brew so many pots of coffee – I kept coming back. Every single opportunity I had I was in that studio, observing, helping out, learning and developing new skills.
Today I find myself in Salford, England, following my own path. And with every turn I make I seem to get drawn more to the world of sound effects and film/game sound. Luckily I was able to snatch these kind of tasks for this assignment, and I will be supervising all sound effect work for the project.

Ben Jackson – Post Production Manager, Recording Artist, Asset Manager

Hello there, I’m Ben the proud Yorkshire man. Being from the best county in the world it was inevitable that I would have the best looks and physique in the team… I have been involved in music from the age of 5 first learning piano, then the next year I got my first drum kit and started shed building (drumming). From there my passion for performing grew. I joined Stage Coach where I learnt how to sing, dance, act. You wouldn’t know from looking at me but I have a grade 5 in modern dance and grade 3 in tap!

Any tea that isn’t Yorkshire tea is a cheap imitation.

For this project, I’m excited to record really subtle sounds to create a realistic scene rather than the fantasy worlds we create for our radio series. I am leading the post-production process as well as lending my 10 years of recording experience to the production team.

Dominic Kerridge – Score Supervisor, Concept, Dialogue/Talent

Born in Salford way back in the eighties, I am proud to be the old and local guy in the group. Before the rest of the team was born I helped bury a time capsule underneath the very building in which we now regularly have our lunchtime burger breaks. I have been involved in music and interested in film for many years, but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to sink my teeth into a project like this. My background is writing, playing and producing music, and I have a little experience in theatre production. Designing the soundscape within a piece of film is something I have been longing to do for a while –  and now I can combine this with my love of composing and producing music I am raring to go.

Niall Griffin –  Music Supervisor, Recording Engineer, Concept

I’m from a small town in Cheshire called Holmes Chapel – an excruciatingly dull place that Andreas refers to as ‘middle-class heaven’. He’s right – it’s all very still, very mild; the geographical equivalent of a nice glass of milk before bed.

guitarTo its credit, the banality my surroundings created is responsible for where I am today: instead of watching endless television to stave away the boredom, I would write and record as many songs as my noise-conscious parents would allow, all from the comfort of my bedroom. If I wasn’t doing that, I was watching video essays about films – learning the ins and outs of what makes a story, a shot, or a character fundamentally ‘good’ in a more theoretical sense.

Since moving to Manchester I’ve had my eyes opened a significant amount. I’m diving headfirst into the world of audio-visual production, learning the industry as I go and picking up as many skills as I can on my way. I lean more towards the creative side of things when it comes to our group’s projects – I wrote the goofy theme tune for ‘DnD with ben’, our radio drama project, and I’m taking the lead on composition for our ‘sound for film’ assignment.