Peel Hall Recording Session

The other day we got access to the great Peel Hall on Main Campus of the university.
The idea was to utilise the halls fantastic acoustic treatment and instruments for our project.

No million pound instruments were damaged during this recording session.

When in a space like this, there is no ignoring the tonal qualities of the room, so with that img_20170221_100334in mind we brought along many fine microphones -all condensers actually- to capture the best possible sound. For the grand piano, we used a pair of AKG 451’s about three “Ben’s” away from the instrument. (Luckily he was kind enough to demonstrate just how far that is) We also used two AKG 214inside the piano as close mics, for a more controllable sound in post production. And finally, a Rode NT2-A under the piano, to capture the warmth and saturation to blend in with the acoustic elements.img_20170221_092527img_20170221_100300

When we were done and happy with how the piano sounded, we had about two hours to spare. We then had the idea of recording more stuff, as the acoustical properties and natural reverberation of these other recordings would match img_20170221_100252img_20170221_114227up with the piano. So we found a pair of bongo drums, I volunteered to play and the rest of the team engineered my bongo slappin’!
And then we also decided to record backing vocals to fill out the sonics of the track even further. Me and Niall sung in different octaves with two close mics and two room mics, again to capture the beautiful acoustics of the space we’re in.

All in all, a very successful session and the results sound absolutely stunning!