Recording Session #1

IMG_20170216_165106.jpgToday we had our first recording session. Here’s Niall drumming away at a jazz track we’re producing.

We thought we’d try out some new techniques – so far all of our recording projects have been fairly by-the-books.
We used an AKG414 about 30 cm away pointing at the kick drum to capture more air, and an Audix D6 slightly closer for the really low frequencies. In short, and in English – The bass drum was fat. We also did some other interesting things such as using an AKG214 for the snare and a C3000b as an underhead.  Henric, the studio manager, taught Andreas how to get nice sounding overtones from playing a cowbell, which may come in handy for our lounge-style song. We also found out we can de-rig a full microphone set-up for a drum kit (cable-management included) in about 10 minutes. Speedy stuff.

Why not check out our fresh sounds below…